26 Lessons in 26 Years


Another year. To be honest, I was hesitant about wanting to share a recap this year as I’ve done in the past. In most ways, I’ve been pretty critical about myself this past year. Wondering if I’ve done enough, learned enough, or expanded enough to share my ‘life lessons.’ But, I’m a big believer that even in harder seasons, you gain so much. I’m incredibly…

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My Ultimate Guide to Undergarments


Hello my friends, 2020 is fully underway, and we’re already nearing Valentine’s Day. It’s time I let you in on my little fashion secret for the one thing that tends to be a pain when getting dressed for special occasions: undergarments. It can be so confusing and uncomfortable to figure out which undergarments to wear with outfits when they have plunging necklines or are strapless,…

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My LA Story: Leaving My Comfortable Life for Hollywood


Hi Guys! A couple of weeks ago I was invited back to my university to speak to a group of college women about my story. Their conference’s theme was called Write Your Story so I shared mine along with talking about the Imposter Syndrome and how I’ve dealt with it in my professional career in Los Angeles. While writing out this speech, it really made…

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25 lessons in 25 years


Hi guys! It’s been a minute. I’m currently in the middle of relaunching my site on a new platform and let me tell you, it’s been the most confusing process. Tech and coding are not. my. thing… which leads me to lesson number one: hire people out for the things you’re not good at 😉 For real though, I’m so ready to be back in…

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The Lodown Vol 7


JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content. We’re going to keep this short and sweet because 75% of the time I was in sweats and a face mask typing away at my computer (with a glass of red in hand).  Wednesday  Tuesday I worked most of the day then caught up with my friend Olivia in the evening, so…

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The LoDown Vol 6


Hellooooo. Welcome to another week of.. well, my life. This one was a shiz-show. You ready?  Monday  Not going to lie, your girl had a nervous breakdown on Monday. We can laugh about it now, right? Long story short, a collaboration that I was super excited about sent me a few articles of clothing to blog about, and UPS got it wrong and sent it…

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