My California Bucket List

Cheers to the freaking-weekend! 

Actually super excited for this weekend because one of many many roommates in college (I lived in a sorority house) is visiting starting tomorrow! That inspired me to share my California Bucket List with you all as I’m sure I’ll be crossing a few things off that list. My family gets here in two weeks for their spring break- so we’re going to do some major damage to this thing in the next couple weeks! 

I hope this inspires you to create your own life, travel, yearly bucket list. It’s so easy to think we have all the time in the world, but we really don’t- so start doing the things you’ve always wanted to do! In the coming weeks, I’ll also be sharing my “life bucket list” but fair warning that it’s a little bit cheesy. 

Let me know if there’s anything I should add- I plan on accomplishing all of these within the year. Fingers crossed! 

  1. ​Take a trip to Disneyland! 
  2. Go to a Dodgers game & eat a dodger dog
  3. Take a dance class at Millineum Dance Complex and The Edge 
  4. See a top favorite artist in concert (Adele, Beyonce, Birdy, Selena Gomez, Lauren Diagle) 
  5. Hike the Hollywood sign 
  6. Have an evening at the Magic Castle 
  7. See The Ellen Show
  8. See the Jimmy Kimmel Show 
  9. Attend a concert at the Santa Monica Pier 
  10. Adventure through LACMA- Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  11. Go to First Friday in Venice on Abott Kinney St. 
  12. Attend & Host a red carpet event 
  13. Spend the day at Universal Studios
  14. Attend a movie premier
  15. Eat at Portos
  16. Go to Lulu’s cafe with my very own Lulu (my mom’s nickname) 
  17. Spend a day at the beach alone 
  18. Shop on Melrose
  19. Go to a Taco truck after a night out 
  20. Hike in the Pacific Palisades
  21. Drive up the coast from LA to San Fran 
  22. Take a girls trip to wine country
  23. Snowboarding at Big Bear 
  24. Spend a weekend in Lake Tahoe 
  25. Have a spa day in Beverly Hills 
  26. Eat at In N Out (I know I’m late on this guys!) 
  27. See Yosemite National Park 
  28. Take ballroom dance classes 
  29. Go to a fancy smancy movie theatre 

   30.   Go to Malibu Winery 
   31.  Finish the Los Liones Hike

* colored tasks are all completed

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