Five Day food & Workout Routine

Today’s post is a little different than usual- I’ve been wanting to write about food & fitness for awhile because moving to LA has quite literally forced me to learn how to cook. My mom’s side of the family is full of top notch chefs- my grandfather owned a restaurant in Israel that my uncle now took over. My other two uncles in New Jersey are chefs. My aunt can literally make anything- and I mean anything. And my mom’s food, creativity, and dinner parties were one of the biggest parts of my upbringing. Through college, I lived in a sorority home where we had a chef, so needless to say- learning to cook has not been on the agenda until this year. 

With spring break coming up (my parents get here Friday and we’ll be vacationing in Newport Beach) I wanted to share my five-day food & fitness routine that I’ll be doing this week. I’ve never been someone to follow strict diets or deprive myself of something- I find those things never work in the long haul. So, I usually stick to workouts and food choices that I actually enjoy so that I dont turn into a cranky, angry, mess. Although pizza and wine wont be on the menu this week, a lot of other really yummy, nourishing, and healthy things will!

I try to eat smaller meals thoughout the day so I’m not ever fully hungry- that’s usually what works best for me! 

Lets break it down: 


1. Lemon Water: hot cup of water with either a half or full amount of lemon juice– replacing my usual cup of coffee with sugary creamer with this gives me more energy. If I absolutely need coffee I’ll drink it black (although I hate black coffee)

2. Oatmeal with strawberries & blueberries: a quick & easy favorite. This keeps me full most of the morning and satisfied my sweet tooth with the hint of brown sugar and fresh fruit! 

3. Scrambled eggs with avocado toast & kalamata olives: one of my favorites! Doesnt take long to make- I usually have this when I have a slower morning or need a good breakfast. You can add a tiny bit of cheese to make it more flavorful too! 


1. Banana & 1 Tbsp of peanut butter: Sometimes I have this for breakfast if I’m running late and need something to grab, but it’s also a great later morning or afternoon snack!

2. Carrots & Hummus: I love this combo- it’s filling & if you close your eyes hard enough its like eating chips & salsa.. not really- but a close second πŸ˜‰ 

3. 1/2 cup of granola & blueberries: I recently found a gluten-free, whole grain granola from Trader Joes that I really love. It’s sweetened with natural sweeteners so no processed sugar! I’ve been adding blueberries to the mix to make it more flavorful! If you want to look it up it’s called “Pecan Praline Granola” and comes in an orange bag. 


1. Spinach & Berry salad mix: One of my favorite things in the spring and summer is to add fruit to my salads! I used a cup of baby spinach, few slices of chicken breast, strawberries, blueberries, sliced almonds, and dash of parmesan cheese. I then used a light champagne vinaigrette from Trader Joes. 

2. Whole grain Turkey or Chicken Wraps: I put red-pepper hummus over most of the wrap, spinach & romaine lettuce, chicken or turkey, avocados, tomatoes and provolone cheese

3. Protein Shake: If I’ve just worked out, sometimes I’ll make a chocolate protein shake with almond milk, banana, and peanut butter or with frozen strawberries. Not eating chocolate is one of the hardest things for me, so this usually does the trick! 

When it comes to meal-prepping or making dinner, I’ve learned those most through watching videos. Here are a few of my favorites that I’ll be making this week! 

1. One pan Teriyaki Chicken Meal Prep:  For vegetables I’ll mostly be using broccoli and bell peppers. I also love pairing this with edamame which you can find lightly salted at Trader Joes

2. Balsamic Chicken & Veggies Meal Prep:  I’ve made this once and it’s surprisingly very simple and delicious. I added a bit of brown rice to mine with asparagus, baby potatoes, bell peppers, and cauliflower as the veggies.

Here’s another great article I found this morning of 21 easy healthy recipes if you want to take a look here. Thank God for Buzzfeed!  

I love doing pilates, pure barre, or anything that is lengthens or is strengthening. I’m not big on lifting heavy weights or running an absurd amount of miles- that never motivates me to want to get back to the gym. 

If I’m not going to a pure barre or dance class, I stick to Tone it Up Videos. If you’ve never heard of these, they’re based off two girls in the LA area who created a company directed towards women called “Tone it Up” and it’s fantastic- you can check out their website here. 

I follow their Youtube Channel and often use those are a suppliment to taking a workout class because they’re honestly just as good if not better! Here’s my routine for the week- let me know if you follow along! 

* 30 minute cardio on the elliptical (level 10): This is where I listen to good music, recap my day, figure out which music I want to choreograph to next.. basically.. everything. I’ve been a loyal fan to ellipticals and always will be. It’s usually the beginning start to all of my workouts! 

* Core & Abs workout (13 minutes) 
* Arm workout (10 minutes) 
* Full body workout (13 minutes) 

* Contemporary Dance Class 1.5 hours (This is my cardio… and everything thing else)
* Leg workout (13 minutes) 
* Arms (12 minutes) 
* Full body workout (13 minutes) 

* 30 Minute Cardio 
*Core & Abs workout (13 minutes) 
* Arm workout (10 minutes) 
* Full body workout (13 minutes) 

* 15 minute Cardio
* Leg workout (13 minutes) 
* Arm workout (12 minutes) 
Full body workout (13 minutes) 

* 30 minute cardio 
*Core & Abs workout (13 minutes) 
*Arm workout (10 minutes) 
* Full body workout (13 minutes) 

* If this is too much and you just want one thing to commit to each day- just go ahead and stick to the 13 minute full body workout each day. I promise you’ll feel a difference πŸ™‚ 

​Let me know your favorite healthy recipes or workouts in the comments section!

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