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Hi Friends! 

Today is the one year mark where I declared my little corner on the internet, wrote my first official post and nervously clicked “publish.”

So many thoughts run through your mind when you decide to put yourself out there. I had wanted to start a blog for years prior to my start date. But, you want to know the number one reason I DIDNT start? The fear of what others would think of me. I know, silly. I hate admitting that I’m one that cared too much about what other people thought of me, but I can tell you through this year I’ve been getting over that. 

While I still have so much to learn about this blogging world, I have already learned and accomplished a lot. So today, I’m proud. Today, I’m not looking at what all my blog isn’t or what it needs to be. Today, I’m looking at what it is and what this year has taught me. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s been there for me in the most insane year of my life. Through exciting times, and not so exciting times. This year has had it’s fair share of both. 

So, here is what my one year of blogging has taught me: 

1. Stop Caring What Other People Think of You

I know, I know. Easier said than done. I think it’s an innate human quality to somewhere, somewhat, care about other people’s opinions of us. We each have a level of it, and a year ago mine was high. I’ve dropped that level down an incredible amount in one year, but the truth is I still struggle with caring too much. So I’ll say this, don’t let other people’s opinion hinder you away from what you want to do. Most people who love you will be supportive, and the ones who aren’t probably don’t need to be in your inner-circle anyway. I’ve met so many incredible people through blogging. The best feeling in the world is getting a message from a distant friend or someone I haven’t met telling me that this space inspired them somehow. That alone keeps me going. 

2. What you see on SOcial Media isn’t always real 

I have mixed feelings on this lesson. When I started this blog, I knew I wanted fashion to be a focal point because I’ve expressed my personality through it for years. I loved that it was a way that connected women together in such a lighthearted manner, but I feared that my life would look differently than it actually is and I didn’t want to put out a false image out there. That is why one of my focal points in blogging is to always stay authentic and keep it real. There is a reason I candidly speak on insta-stories, or share videos with zero makeup. I want my readers to know that even though this a place for fun recommendations and girl-talk, it’s also a place where I refuse to showcase my life in a false light. I’ve never been good at faking it and I will openly admit to being a mess 95% of the time. 

I’ve never had social media be such a core topic than this year in LA. It’s almost frustrating at some points and I have often taken a break to delete the ole Instagram app and instead turn back to my journal. I love that social media gives people the ability to connect, but I find that it can also do the opposite. I’ve been in situations where I’m with a person and I feel like they’re not even there. I’ve been in situations where I’ve literally heard someone say “people only want the highlight reel….don’t post that” *Rolling my eyes HARD* 

I’ve been around people who have 100K followers, but who look very sad and empty waiting to get validation through their number of likes, comments and fan pages (ugh.. I cringed typing that last part!) 

What I want you to know, is that I’ve witness that and it’s taught me that the internet means absolutely nothing. Zip. I promise to always intentionally try to keep it real over in this little corner. You can find me burning my toast on the daily, tripping over everything, and 98% of the time stressed- but that’s life and I’d rather share that part with you.

3. Comparison is the Theif of Joy

I know you’ve heard this one before. I have, clearly. It’s like a little robotic voice that constantly repeats itself whenever I’m in a puddle of comparison. That girl who got the network deal, or the blogger that just worked with TopShop or Nordstrom (the struggle is real, y’all!). I’m in an industry where the ability to compare myself is present all the time. I can either choose that and feel lousy (I wanted to say another word but my mom reads this) OR I could own who I am, know that there is no one else exactly like me, and do my thang my way *hair flip*

Truth is, I wish I could say I always choose the latter but that’s not the case. Just yesterday I was watching the Emmys and feeling the comparison bug drop over my shoulder. But you know what I did after? I came home, made a list of everything I want to accomplish this week and decided that I was not going to let comparison or fear win. So the next time you find yourself dissecting the details of some girl that lives in Barcelona or New York and comparing your morning messy hair and eye crusties to her at the Eiffel Tower, just remember my words. There is no one like you, and she has eye crusties in the morning, too. We all do. 


Thank you to those who have been following this crazy year. This blog was created for the soul purpose of connecting people together despite the topic. A place for us women to relate to another, and maybe, sorta, realize that we’re all a hell of a lot similar than we think. 

So with that I’m signing off. Time continues to fly by and by no time I will be sharing my lessons of year two. I know it’ll be a good one. 


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