24 Lessons in 24 years







It’s a strange feeling to be writing this post for the second time. I remember vividly sitting down to write my “23 Lessons in 23 Years” post and the fact that it’s already been a year and my blogging adventure is already starting traditions is a little cray-Z! 

I don’t like to make a big deal out of birthdays, the main thing for me is just to be surrounded by good people. It’s almost a check-yo-self moment for me during my birthday because as I approach a new age, I want to make sure I’m surrounded by a community of good, authentic people, and that I’m on track with moving towards my goals/dreams. Last year, I was so new to LA around this time. I moved here knowing a handful of people and sat in the cheesecake factory with my friend Maddie. We talked about how in this time next year, we were going to build our LA empire by meeting new people and taking the city by storm. Thank God for hometown friends, because it’s cool to see a year later just how much we’ve built! 

Twenty-four will be the year of not holding back. Of going after what I want, full force. Of not accepting mediocracy in any area of my life. Of using my powerful voice for good and not being afraid to speak up. And most importantly, of only surrounding myself with authentic, positive people. This past year has been full of a LOT of life lessons-the good, bad & sad- but I’m grateful for them all. It has made me stronger, more focused, and resilient in fighting for the woman I’m meant to be. So thank you for your endless love & support <3 

1. Being real is much more exciting than being perfect. Drop the facade, perfect is boring anyway.
2. When you have an idea to start something, just start. You will figure it out as you go. 
3. Putting yourself out there is a risk, learn to be okay with people having an opinion even if it isn’t positive
4. Getting on inta-stories with no makeup and eye crusties is a liberating feeling. 
5. It’s okay to be angry, but eventually find peace in the situation. Not for them, but for you. Anger only hurts you more. 
6. Doubt will kill your dream before failure ever could. 
7. Trust your gut. Trust your gut. TRUST YOUR GUT!
8. If it doesn’t add to your life, let it go. 
9. Being single is a beautiful amazing gift. 
10. Being in the wrong relationship is soul-sucking 
11. Stand up for yourself and know your worth. 
12. Find your army of women to love you through the hardest times. 
13. Trader Joes is life-giving 
14. Eating an entire Trader Joes Pizza is 100% okay and should be seen as a positive life decision
15. Chik-fil-a is still better than In N Out. Go try their ice cream, now- you will thank me later. 
16. Having a dance party alone in your room should happen weekly, if not- daily. 
17. Family over everything, always. 
18. Sometimes it’s better to say nothing at all. You get to choose where you put your energy. 
19. Rise above. Dont stoop to their level. You’re better than that. 
20. What you put out into the world is the response you’ll receive. Only put out good.
21. Laugh at yourself and embrace the quirks.
22. Wine should be shared & appreciated (with good conversation!) 
23. Live in the little moments and appreciate the small stuff
24. When it feels too much, be still. Go on a hike, drive to the beach & get away for a moment. It’s a beautiful thing when you learn how to be happy alone. 

Thanks for reading, my friends! I’m so grateful to each one of you who takes the time to read my (mostly messy) thoughts! I’m ready to make this year so special! 

​Photography by: Dayne Malan


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