The LoDown The Voice Finale, and an Indiana Adventure

Just like that, another week has passed and this one was jam packed with a lot! I started of the beginning of the week with The Voice finale. Had a much more “chill” midweek, and ended the week with a commercial, fun night out with friends and then jumped on a plane during the weekend to visit family in Indiana. 

In this edition I discuss: 

  • The Voice Finale schedule + interviews
  • The best place to get a spray tan in LA
  • Reviews of restaurants in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills & a bar in Venice
  • A last minute commercial for a hair company
  • My trip back to Indiana

Let me know if you enjoy these recaps, and I’ll keep doing them! 


It didnt exactly feel like a Monday when I woke up because I had worked all weekend but nonetheless it was a busyish morning. It was raining, go figure.. and I needed to get a spray tan for The Voice finale. Of course on the one day I need to get a spray tan, it rains in LA. And no, I didnt bring an umbrella because, well thats what logical people all around the country do. But here, we forget how to work one. Anyway, I went to Sugared & Bronzed on 3rd street because they do Express Tans which means I could shower and be ready for The Voice in time without having to wait overnight for my tan to develop. I absolutely love this place and its by far the best spray tan I’ve ever had.

I then got ready for The Voice and got to wear one of my favorite dresses. I thought it would run big (it’s heavy and has a lot of material) but the waistband was too small, so I should have ordered a size up. I still love the dress and made it work, even though it didn’t zip all the way. The interviews only shot the front half of my body, so no one could tell- shh!

I love finale week-its my fav! When I got home I put on a Korean Skincare Green Tea Sheet Mask so that my skin could rehydrate after all that makeup, and finished up my articles for Talent Recap. 


Took my weekly “Lower Body Glide” Tuesday morning class at Crunch gym and worked from home up until The Voice finale. There was no carpet on Tuesday so we literally got to chill out and hang with all the other hosts/media. It was pretty chill, and then we had a press conference with Brynn Cartelli (the winner) and Kelly Clarkson (oh m gee). I seriously have grown a love for Kelly so much during this show- she is so down to earth and real. It’s a huge inspiration for me as I continue in the entertainment industry to be relatable rather than paint a picture of unattainable. I wrote about her advice and how it impacted me in last week’s WTW, here. 

In the evening, I went to my friend Paige’s house for a little pizza and wine for an hour and then headed home to write the finale recap. By 2 AM I was done for the night and passed out cold. 


I guess we can call this my weekend. I was so tired and had intended to accomplish a lot, but it didn’t happen. I woke up with barely any voice and a very puffy face, but I managed to organize my room quite a bit. In the evening, I got myself dressed in real clothes and grabbed a drink with a friend at Ocean Prime in Beverly Hills. They had live music which always makes me happy, and great Riesling, which is usually my go-to wine when I’m ordering out. I was pretty proud that I even managed to get myself out given how tired I was, so that was my biggest accomplishment of the day. 


I was dedicated to my Tues/Thurs morning bum class this week and managed to get myself there again. When I got back, I worked until about 3 PM then met my relatives for a late lunch at Cleo Mediterranean in West Hollywood. It’s such a cool vibe, and Mediterranean food is my favorite.

​I decided in the evening to head to Indiana for a week and spend time with my family. It had been 6 months since I’ve seen my mom, which is the longest we’ve gone, and was the perfect time because all my work for the next week could be done remotely. Except for the fact that evening in LA is so last minute and that evening I got booked on a digital commercial for Pantene. Here’s to hoping that nothing like that happens this week while I’m gone, or I’ll have major FOMO. 


Nothing like a last minute packing session right? I pretty much threw things in my suitcase, went to a crazy intense workout class, worked from home until my call time at 5:30, and then headed to Silver Lake to shoot the commercial. For dinner, production ordered middle eastern food so I was incredibly happy because I got to eat Chicken Kabob and Tabouleh- my fav! 

The shoot went pretty quick, we wrapped by 8:30 and I left with wet hair because one of the scenes was washing my hair with their shampoo & conditioner. I was excited to finally get to speak in a commercial, and was overall pleased with how efficient everything was!

Also, I get asked all the time how I get put on commercials, print work, hosting-etc- so here’s a quick breakdown. I don’t have an agent yet (a good one is not easy to come by), and I self-submit myself daily on LA Casting. Sometimes production books off photos (which is always the best) but most of the time there’s at least one audition involved, if not callbacks. Lucky for me, this one was booked off photos and my hosting reel, but that doesn’t happen too often. 

After the commercial, I went dancing with my friends Najla and Olivia at Townhouse in Venice. It was my first time there and I seriously loved it. There was no cell service on the dance floor level which was kinda perfect because everyone was so in the moment and enjoying themselves! Also, one of the best Moscow Mules I’ve ever tried, mark my words! 


I pretty much slept for an hour the night before, because my flight was so early and I needed to be up by 4 AM and leave by 4:45 AM. Luckily, I managed to sleep for 2 hours on the plane, and then took a hefty nap when I got home for 4 more hours. You already know my body clock was way off, and couldn’t get myself to bed until 3 AM. I finally got to eat some of my mom’s cooking and it was lovely. 


It has been hot as hell in Indiana, and I forgot what the humidity felt like. In the early evening my sister and I attempted to drive to a coffee shop. We didn’t end up staying long and then headed back home where I went on a nice walk with my mom, and then pulled weeds until 9 PM. HA! Putting me to work the moment I get home. I couldn’t sleep again until 2 AM so I worked on some blog content, organized a few campaigns coming up, and my email. I know, I’m a crazy workaholic but I don’t think I’d have it any other way. 

​Hope you all enjoyed this post, and let me know if there’s anything specific you’d like me to incorporate in these!

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