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Hello my friends! 

I’ve missed this space on my blog and I want to share a bit more into what my average week looks like. The LoDown is a space where I’ll be giving  deeper look into my life while sharing blogger & tv hosting tips and just my overall thoughts, lol- dangerous. 

So lets get into this past week.. 


There wasn’t a Voice carpet on Monday because the PR was out of town for the Upfronts in New York. I spent the day in my glorious IU sweatshirt and worked on emails for the majority of the day. I started a Q & A on my instagram page (saved in highlights) and will be adding to that every couple weeks when new questions come up.

I was on a healthy food/gym streak until I had a major craving for pizza at night.. so I walked (#balance) myself to Trader Joes to get my favorite frozen pizza- the four cheese one- and poured balsamic glaze over that bad boy before getting back to work. At night, I watched The Voice and wrote a recap (seems to be a theme here!) article on Talent Recap’s page, here. 


Tuesday I finally got myself to the gym. I go to Crunch gym on sunset in West Hollywood and was in desperate need of a good sweat sess. I usually take the classes because it quite literally forces me to finish the workout. The class I took is called “lower body glide” and it’s focuses on toning your legs and bootay- so good and I loveeee the music.

The rest of the day was spent shooting some looks for a few collaborations in West Hollywood with my friend Olivia. I love shooting with friends because we get work done but also get to socialize at the same time. We were so hungry before shooting so we made a run to Mendocino Farms and I got one of the best sandwiches I think I’ve ever tried. It’s called the “Not So Fried Chicken Sandwich” and it’s b.o.m.b. 

We wrapped up our shoot around 6:30, so I did some editing and then started writing and recapping The Voice for Talent Recap that evening. 


Wednesday was an interesting one. I had a meeting in the valley for a project and then had work in the evening. I was working a marketing job downtown (that’s what I do inbetween hosting and blogging.. as if I didn’t already work enough). After my meeting I didn’t have time to drive back to West Hollywood, so I did what any logical person would do and got In N Out. Skipped on the fries because #balance and honestly I’m not a huge fan of them. Anyone else feel the same? Oh, and I got my eyebrows done by the BEST place- Zia Threading in Sherman Oaks. So affordable and they make sure to get it right. I’ve never walked out of there disappointed. 


Did my leg & bootay class again, and then caught up on emails since I didnt get much time the day before. Honestly this day flew by, and I went back to work in the evening so not much exciting stuff happened here. 


It clicked to me on Friday that I need to work on my time management skills, lol. So many distractions in LA and I think I overall get distracted easily. I started to get on the trend of “sleep late wake up late” which I hate.. oh and I’m writing this at 2:30 AM on a Sunday, go figure. Eventually I got myself to the gym and took a class that quite literally kills me but makes me feel SO good after. It’s run by ex NFL player Michael Myers and most of the reason that I work out so hard in that class is because I know he’ll yell at me if I dont. He’s the best trainer and I highly recommend all of his classes! 

I ran home to shower and make lunch (made a nice little chicken pasta), face-timed my friend Najla who just got back from Greece, and headed to work. Not the craziest Friday night, but- you know, that’s life. 

The Weekend 

The morning flew by both of these days but on Saturday I managed to try Skin Laundry for the first time. I loved it and seriously want to go multiple times a week now. By the afternoon I picked up my friend Cassie and we headed to work downtown. We were so ready for the weekend to end because at this point, we were exhausted. But we got In N Out on the final day and that made life a little brighter. Oh, and a churro which I have been craving since mid-week. It really is the little things in life, y’all. 

Gearing up for this week, I’m excited to get back in the gym, close the last chapter of this season of The Voice, and cross some big things off my to-do list. The LA hustle is real, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. ​​

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