The LoDown Vol 6

Hellooooo. Welcome to another week of.. well, my life. This one was a shiz-show. You ready? 


Not going to lie, your girl had a nervous breakdown on Monday. We can laugh about it now, right? Long story short, a collaboration that I was super excited about sent me a few articles of clothing to blog about, and UPS got it wrong and sent it to my old apartment. Those tenants accepted the package (our system takes a picture when you pick it up) but “claim” they sent it back across the street to USPS. It’s now “lost” and I’ve probably lost the brand relationship. Womp. We can still laugh about it now.. sorta? The whole day was centered around this nonsense. It was frustrating and I’m still pretty pissed to be honest. Any suggestions? My ears are open. 


After the fiasco that was Monday, I was ready for a much more positive day. I headed to Venice to shoot some hosting content for a digital news company that I’ve worked with in the past. Their office is literally right next to the beach, so it’s not the worst work location. We filmed 4 full pages of dialogue, and my brain was a little fried after. But I was doing what I love so it was fried in the happiest of ways!

​After that, I headed to Oliva’s to shoot some content, but we ended up just getting Chick-fil-a and getting her car washed. We then headed back to my hood, The Grove, to watch Mamma Mia 2 with Bloggers Who Brunch LA. You already know I cried. Movies make me so emotional and like, yeah, dont judge. 


We can skip Wednesday because it involved more package drama and sitting in sweatpants working. Not interesting, I know. On Thursday, I took the hardest workout class of my life. At the end of the class I was like “wahoo, lets do this every week” until the instructor announced it would be his last class until September because he’s going on tour to train Neo. Like okay, I guess Neo is more important than me, but also I dont even know what my life will look like tomorrow let alone September. Bummer. 

In the evening, Paige and I went to The Bloc in downtown for their rooftop summer cinema series. We watched I, Tonya and I did an Instagram takeover on the Drafthouse LA page. The real Tonya Harding was in the house, and all I could think about for the next 24 hours was “Did she do it” and researching the whole scandal. What do you think, did she do it? 


Your girl needed some nature after this crazy week. Olivia and I headed to the San Gabriel Mountains to be one with nature and go Ziplining in the freaking mountains. It was insane, super physical, and breathtakingly beautiful. Literally teared up during one of the ziplines overlooking this beautiful world, because 1. I’m emotional 99% of the time and 2. I felt so free from any thought, worry, or issue and was actually living in the moment which I have a hard time doing most of the time. 

I was very proud of myself for doing this, clearly- ha! 

saturday  + Sunday 

I survived my first Beauty Con. If you dont know what Beauty Con is.. it’s a HUGE beauty convention and LA has the biggest one. Think of every big beauty YouTuber and blogger + their fans and beauty lovers in one big building. Yep. My ears are still ringing from the 10 minute screaming that happened when people say Kim Kardashian. Can I just say, I do not get the hype? Sorry, have never been a Kardashian fan and probably never will. Just not my vibe. But it was super cool to see so many incredible beauty brands in one area and put a face to the name of the brands I’ve partnered with. Not to mention, I love makeup and got to work with Converse and their team. One of the coolest experiences and I’ll definitely be coming back next year! 
So that’s it! Last week was pretty hectic, and luckily this week will be a lot more chill. I look forward to working in my sweatpants with no makeup, a hair mask & some Vino in hand, a lot. Can you tell that’s the daily theme here? Talk to you next week, my friendssss! 

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