The Lodown Vol 7


We’re going to keep this short and sweet because 75% of the time I was in sweats and a face mask typing away at my computer (with a glass of red in hand). 


Tuesday I worked most of the day then caught up with my friend Olivia in the evening, so not much to report there other than my lunch, hehe. I love food. My go-to has been a Mediterranean salad. I get the mix from Costco, but Trader Joes has a great one too. Just add chicken, kalamata olives & avocado and it’s perfect!

Wednesday evening my friend Kate had a rooftop dinner party in Venice and it was so much fun. I love the vibe of bringing cool people together and just having good conversation, wine & food. It literally was the perfect night, and we jammed out to old terrible pop music on the car ride home; cue Lindsey Lohan’s “Rumors” and Jojo’s “Little Too Little Too Late.” Does this bring back memories, or am I just old? 




Thursday was a shoot day. My friend Dayne is such a talented photographer (if you’re from LA, send me a message and I’ll give you his info!). We shot some headshots in DTLA, and in the mid-afternoon I met Olivia to shoot some more fashion looks & grab a bite for happy hour. Once I put makeup on, I like to shoot as much as I can that day, otherwise on days where I dont have to shoot, I like to wear no makeup and let my skin breathe. 

We low-key love the Cheesecake Factory happy hour. All my midwest friends are like “YAS CF!” and my LA friends are like “why are you so obsessed with the Cheesecake Factory?!” 

Listen, I understand that the CF is every city’s Applebees, but it was quite glamorous to go there back in the midwest. The closest one was an hour & a half away and we always went for a special occasion- so that fact that I live by one now is pretty much means I’ve made it. Just kidding, kinda. 

Get their Buffalo Blasts during happy hour. Also the margarita (ask for it frozen), nachos, avocado rolls & mini chicken sandwiches are heavenly, too. If you wanna go all out for a meal, this is the place! 




I managed to get myself to a workout class for the first time in a week. I totally slacked on my fitness/ health last week  (cue the CF trip), so I’m making that a priority this week. Goal is to workout for an hour 5 times this week. Totally do-able! 

In the evening, I went to The Grove with my friend Paige to look around at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed in the picks this year. Last year, I blogged about it and got some really great staples, but this year I’m like “meh.” Plus every time I get on Instagram, it’s all I see.. which is a bit overwhelming. Anyone else? I will say, there were two pairs of shoes that I’ve been eyeing and I might just invest in those this year, I linked them above. That’s it. Your girl does NOT need anymore clothes. I’ve actually run out of any and all closet space, and am thinking about selling some of my clothes so that it’s not so overwhelming. Anyone have any tips in the best way to do this? let me know in my instagram post. 

The highlight of the day was getting pressed’s freeze. It’s a juice that they freeze to feel like you’re eating ice cream or frozen yogurt. I put almond butter, blueberries & cacao chips on mine! 



I worked on set for a Syrian music video which was SO interesting. Seeing a Middle Eastern producer, director & talent just made my heart happy because it’s just not something you see often in this business. We’re incredibly under-represented in the media world, and I’d love to see that change one day. Anyway, it was so cool to hear Arabic being spoken on set and being able to understand everything. My mother would be proud. 

In the evening, I got dressed in my best dress for the Maxim 100 party at the Hollywood Palladium with my friend Devyn. Holy moly. If you want to see every reality TV star & social media model in one room, then this is basically what it is. We actually had a blast despite our feet killing us by the end of the night, and we’re so proud that we made it out of the house to be young & fun for once.



I managed to wake up at 7:30 AM on Sunday after being out until 2 AM #whyme Couldnt fall back asleep so I just layed in bed, then got ready for church around 11 with my friend Maddie. We went to Mosaic, which was a refreshing way to start the day. After that I watched the Bachelorette & ate Trader Joes pizza with my roommate Jacqueline. Pretty much the perfect Sunday in my opinion! 

So that’s it for last week! I’m looking forward to a productive week as I’ve written out my top 5 goals last night. I’m going to make that a Sunday evening activity because it gets my mind in the right headspace for the week! Try doing this with me and look at those top 5 goals every morning and evening. Let’s do this! 


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