The LoDown Vol 5


Talk about the most disorienting week ever? I’ve never been so confused in my life. With the fourth being on a Wednesday, Thursday felt like Sunday, Friday felt like Monday, and honestly– I’m still trying to get it together this Monday morning! If you want to hear all about my confusing week, just keep reading!  Monday On Monday I worked from home during the day…

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The LoDown Vol 4


The last week in June- seriously where has the time gone? This week’s “episode” of The LoDown consists of my go-to spot for eyebrows in LA, some blogger events with Queen V and Totalee Hair, meeting my role model, and blogger tips for creating content quickly.  JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content. Monday ​I spent the majority of…

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How to Conquer Heartbreak


You ever see a photo from the past and then it automatically takes you back to the feelings you were experiencing at that moment? And then somehow, it relates to where you are now? That’s how I felt about coming across this old photo. It was taken nearly a year ago. I had just come out of a disappointing chapter in my life, and we…

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The LoDown: No. 3


Okurrr (a little Cardi B obsessed right now) dont mind me. I know it’s been a minute- but we’re back and I’m ready to give you the latest on The LoDown. On this week’s episode we’re talking about my staycation in Orange County, more restaurant recs, the best spot for an outdoor movie in LA, and my regretful trip to Vegas  (lol). Outfit deets: I…

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The LoDown The Voice Finale, and an Indiana Adventure


Just like that, another week has passed and this one was jam packed with a lot! I started of the beginning of the week with The Voice finale. Had a much more “chill” midweek, and ended the week with a commercial, fun night out with friends and then jumped on a plane during the weekend to visit family in Indiana.  In this edition I discuss: …

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The LoDown: Work, WOrk & More WOrk

Outfit Deets: Dress; Jacket  Hello my friends!  I’ve missed this space on my blog and I want to share a bit more into what my average week looks like. The LoDown is a space where I’ll be giving  deeper look into my life while sharing blogger & tv hosting tips and just my overall thoughts, lol- dangerous.  So lets get into this past week..  Monday…

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